Meadows and long grass

A rug of meadows and long grass. A rug that can sway with the wind. A rug that could look and feel like a wild sea.

We bring together in each tuft seven different ends mixed between linen, 4 fold wool and thin worsted wool. The tufts are in the shape of a J to give a deep and dense pile. At 60mm it is our longest pile height and with the J tuft gives the feel of being dense and deep. Picking a different colour for each of the yarn types will produce stunning effects that can mirror any colour scheme within a room.

Choose your own colours and design. We can match to colours you send to us.

Pricing for this style is from £226/m2 including VAT and delivery to a UK address.

Experience Savanna for yourself

SizeAny size available
ColoursCan choose a single colour for all yarn types but choosing three different colours for each of the yarns brings new dimensions.
Production6–8 weeks
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