Summer Breeze

A rug that is kind of “shaggy lite”. A rug you can see your footprints in. A rug like walking on soft sand.

We put together 1 end of 3-fold wool and 4 ends of thin worsted wool at a pile height of 40mm to give a deep pile but still with a semblance of a smooth top surface. It is not quite a shag pile but still not just cut pile and choosing a different colour for the two wool types gives many combinations to reflect the mood and style of any room.

Choose your own colours and design. We can match to colours you send to us.

Pricing for this style is from £197/m2 including VAT and delivery to a UK address.

Experience Summer Breeze for yourself

Yarn1 end 3 fold wool, 4 ends 2/20 worsted wool
SizeAny size available
ColoursSingle colour or different colours for the 3 fold wool and the worsted wool
Production6–8 weeks
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