How we Manufacture Rugs


We start by putting up a canvass on a frame which will fit the size we need to make. This can be as big as 400 x 700 cms in one piece but larger sizes can be seamlessly joined. This system allows us to make any shape and any dimensions for complete fit for your room and to also make fitted carpets.


Designs are projected onto the rug backing then we carefully draw the rug design on the canvass. It can take many hours with constant measuring with little or no room for error

Feeding the Yarn

Here at Turnberry we use the very best quality yarns from merino wool, linen, silk and natural fibre viscose. We constantly look for new and interesting yarns. Specialist dyers have matched your colours exactly very often with your prior approval.

Hand Tufting

Compressed air pushes the yarn through the canvass. A steady hand, strong arms and years of experience in knowing the speed to tuft gives that final 'must have' feel. The guns can be set to give different pile heights and the shape of the tuft.

Design Complete

To lock all the tufts in place a second backing is placed on the back of the rug and then artificial latex is brushed into the backing and allowed to cure.


The rug is then taken off the frame. Robust edges are formed from the canvas. The rug is then sheared to the required smooth pile height and for some designs outlines can be hand carved to give an eye catching relief


Finally the rugs are edged and trimmed. Gerry, our production manager, gives it a final inspection and it gets its Turnberry stamp to ensure years of satisfaction and well being from your rug