We have, for nearly thirty years, been making bespoke rugs for interior designer/ architect professionals and have over that time gained much experience in helping our clients choose the right yarns, the correct pile densities, colours and things to watch out for with more difficult issues such as staircases, fitted areas and inset rugs.

But probably our best asset is the ability to talk you through the huge design possibilities which can be achieved using the hand tufted process and which can add so much to the final appeal of the project.

All our rugs are made in our workshop here in Scotland and lead times can be as small as three to four weeks from agreement of colours and design.

We can quickly make samples for clients to see and feel what their ideas will look like and we can match to exact colour choices. Because of the flexibility of hand tufting we can make a rug in any size and shape up to 400 x 700 cms in one piece. If a larger size is required we seamlessly join rugs.

If you would like to discuss a bespoke rug project please email or call us on 01655 332183.